We create a World in which we live in. Yes, there is the larger World consisting of, well, everything, and then there is the World of America, of Britain, of France, etc., and then there is the world of your town, your city, and then…well you get the picture. These worlds continue to shrink until we reach the level of Our World.

Think about what you experience every day: the people, the places, the information fed to you, the jobs, the views, etc. All of these things shape a limited World that we live in. Imagine a force field around us: inside this force field are our thoughts, our perceptions, our viewpoints, everything we know, while outside this force field is everything else. These outside influences create this force field and this World inside the force field that we live in.

“Escape From Your World” is a radical blog aimed at handing you a lance and nudging you to ram the lance into the force field, creating a hole for that “everything else” to seep into. In a perfect setup, the lance would shatter your force field completely, but that takes time and trust. I hope to build up your trust with me over time, which I hope will motivate you to always challenge your World.

Although humans have faults, I will attempt to only present facts of both sides of an argument, refraining from choosing a side, as I want my readers to determine where they stand for themselves with me simply providing all the information I can. I ask one thing from you: please be respectful. If you disagree, do not use foul language or tear others down. If you agree, please support the statement/blogs/comments in a way that will not hurt others.

If you want to contact me directly, you may email me at: escapefromyourworld@gmail.com.